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»   AND... the Thunder Bay Team has landed. Thank you everyone for your support! #missionperu2017

»   Safe arrival in Toronto for our team; thanks for praying! #missionperu2017

»   Through security and boarding a plane; Prayers appreciated for a safe flight and for those who aren't feeling well #missionperu2017

»   In Lima now; should be pulling into airport soon. Looking forward to a good stretch, some food, and getting checked in. #missionperu2017

»   Safely on the bus, hope to be at the Lima airport in 9 hours!

»   Check out some new blogs and vlogs on our website!

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Mission Peru 2014

We are now looking for individual churches to participate in our 2014 trip (March 9th-18th, 2014).

The following two documents are for youth pastors and key youth leaders to download for your students.

application - Please fill this out and submit it to your key leader

coverletter - Please read through carefully, as it contains important details

Updates from 2013!

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On The Bus


Thank you so much for your support over these past two years for the "Get On The Bus" campaign. On Wednesday, July 3rd, we purchased the bus and drove it directly to the Children's Home.
Please continue to pray for the paperwork submission process as this bus now awaits the children into their new home.
Thank you once again for your sacrificial giving and your prayerful patience in helping fulfill the larger vision.

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The History

Mission Peru started with a scouting trip by four youth pastors from the CCD in November of 2007. Out of this trip, the above mentioned partnerships were formed. To read more about the history, click here.

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